Welcome to Keeway Motorcycles & Scooters

Keeway reinterprets the concept of adventure on two wheels, presenting the new Keeway models.

It is a 125 cc bundle that are easy to handle, agile and sleek, designed for pure fun on the road and targeting a young and dynamic audience.

Keeway make some of the UK's best selling and most reliable vehicles available today in all style.

KEEWAY does it all.......Better.


RKS 125 Sport

RKS 125 Sport - £1,899

Forged with inspiration and design

RKS 125 Sport is a motorcycle forged with inspiration and design. It represents a higher level of sports bike. Conflict with daily congestion, an unexpected storm or a simple maneuver, all are taken o...

TX 125 Enduro

TX 125 Enduro - £2,099

A healthy dose of smooth attitude

The TX concept provides unique Off Road styling with excellent main road manners. Sporting Supermotard alloy wheels and road tyres. A healthy dose of smooth attitude. A strong 125cc air cooled engine...

RKS 125

RKS 125 - £1,699

Style and performance

Think of the RKS 125 E4 as a Mc packet of value, reliability, bicycle style, fuel efficiency and the feeling of a full-blown machine, giving the RKS 125 E4 a surprisingly high degree of style and perf...

K-Light 125

K-Light 125 - £2,299

Rebellious Character

K-light is the new 125 Keeway cruiser, inspired by the look of the greats in its category. It is a bike with a rebellious character designed for those who want to approach the world of custom motorcyc...

RKR 125

RKR 125 - £2,499

Racing Soul

Small with a racing soul, the RKR 125 is the Keeway motorcycle with a racing temperament, providing pure fun on the road and on the track. It is a bike that is easy to ride and handle, capable of exci...

TX 125 SM

TX 125 SM - £2,099

Amazing handling and maneuverability

Supermoto street bikes are amazingly practical and fun motorcycles, blending the best characteristics of sportbikes with the upright seating position and comfort of a dual-sport machine. And Keeway's ...

Cityblade 125

Cityblade 125 - £1,899

More than a vehicle, it connects our lives

Cityblade is made for those people that want to travel comfortably on a scooter. Its ergonomic design and cyclist configuration are ideal for riding in city streets and avenues. Upgraded for 2017 wit...

Superlight 125 LTD

Superlight 125 LTD - £2,099

Great value, great looks, great reliability

If you think of the Superlight 125 Limited as the younger brother to the larger-bore Superlight 200 cruiser, it all makes sense. Because basically, the two bikes are actually very similar, the only ma...

RKF 125

RKF 125 - £2,499

Sport Naked

With its edgy and eye-catching look, RKF 125 is the new naked Keeway with a unique and modern personality. It is a sleek and extremely dynamic smart bike, designed to provide maximum fun in the curves...

Superlight 125 SE

Superlight 125 SE - £2,199

A Blacked Out Custom Look

Classic lines, classic chrome, classic custom motorcycling, the Superlight is undoubtedly the best selling motorcycle from Keeway. Superb value for money - the Superlight is a well built, reliable 125...