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Benelli Multispark Plug & Multivalve Technology

Benelli BMT Power Platform - More Power, More Speed

Benelli BMT power platform, currently has three series of engines, respectively, air-cooled two-valve G-type, air-cooled double spark plug four-valve D-type, liquid-cooled triple spark plug four-valve S-type, representing Benelli engine technology in the small displacement territory. It is fully applied to the Benelli small-displacement high-end sports vehicles, with the power performance as a breakthrough, and comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of Benelli in the high-end sports motorcycle market.

Benelli's BMT engine platform is specially developed by Italy's Benelli headquarters based on small-displacement motorcycles in the Global market. It has been used in Benelli's TNT150, TNT125, and RFS150i three Benelli small displacement models. It is positioned at the high-power, high-speed, high-performance, leading performance of first-line brands.

High compression ratio

To achieve higher fuel efficiency, lean combustion is achieved with mixed fuel and air above the theoretical air-fuel ratio (14.7:1). But too lean fuel and air mixture is not easy to catch fire. The BMT power platform adopts a higher compression ratio, and the temperature of the mixture is higher and easier to ignite when the piston reaches the top dead center.

Special note: the compression ratio can not be increased without limit, because the excessive compression ratio is easy to produce knocking, so in actual engine development, only moderately high compression ratio can be used, combined with stronger ignition energy and higher heat dissipation. And the efficiency of intake and exhaust, to prevent spontaneous combustion of the mixture, to avoid knocking.

High energy ignition

High-power IGBT drive module: Delphi EFI system with built-in higher power IGBT ignition drive module can drive higher current signal input ignition coil and ignition coil with higher turns ratio to ensure higher ignition energy output. The average is 10 millijoules higher than the ignition energy of a typical EFI system, and is 15 mJ or more higher than the carburetor inductive ignition mode to ignite thinner mixed fuel and air.

18-coil stator : Provides super power generation to ensure sufficient ignition energy.Multiple ignition timing control: BMT-D, S-type multi spark system, which can be ignited according to the engine speed. When the engine rotates, the ignition energy is increased at the same time, and the high-speed time-division ignition improves the ignition energy utilization.

Efficient heat dissipation

New structural cylinder head: The newly designed cylinder head structure has better heat conduction effect. The cylinder head is equipped with large flow double air passage heat dissipation, and the cylinder head heat sink area is enlarged to ensure better air cooling effect of the air cooled BMT model. No knocking will occur and the heat decay will be small.

Oil radiator: For the air-cooled model, the oil radiator is added, and the large-flow oil pump can greatly reduce the oil temperature and improve the heat dissipation effect.

Highly efficient wear resistance

Wear-reducing coating: Inheriting wear-resistant technology, applying anti-friction coating on the surface of high-speed moving parts such as pistons and camshafts to form a smooth protective film, reducing the friction coefficient of metal surface and greatly improving the service life of high-speed engine.

Cylinder sleeve grinding pattern: The inner wall of the cylinder liner is processed with a honing pattern, which can store oil and improve lubrication.

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